Updating Nominal Accounts – Deposit/Rent/Fixed Service Charges

Updating Nominal Accounts – Deposit/Rent/Fixed Service Charges

To add a nominal code that is not already in Sage:

·         Go into Sage

·         Click on ‘Nominal Codes’

·         Click on ‘New’

·         Add the details necessary

·         Click ‘Save’

·         Go to Decorus for Sage

·         Click on the Decorus menu button

·         Click ‘Update Nominal Records’


To update default nominals please follow the instructions below:

·         Click on the Spanner icon (Configure)

·         Highlight the relevant company

·         Click on ‘Edit’


Once in the ‘Company’ screen:

·         Click on the ‘Company Nominals’ tab

·         Change the necessary nominal

·         Click ‘Save’

If changing the Deposit, Rent or Fixed Service Charges nominals on any properties added before the changes made above, the following instructions must be followed:

·         Go to the ‘Property’ module

·         Click on the individual property record

Once in the property record:

·         Change the nominal to the new nominal

·         Click ‘Save and Exit’

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