Service Charge

Service Charge

Click on ‘S/C Budgets’ icon, which can be found either in the ‘Block’ or ‘Lease’ module

A new window will appear, click on ‘Add Service Charge’

The ‘New Service Charge’ window will appear

Within this window enter the following details

 Company – If Block by Company, select Company from drop down menu, always linked, so no if not

Description – Service Charge

Start – The date you want the charge to start from

End – The date you want the charge to end

Frequency – The frequency of the charge, i.e. daily/weekly/monthly etc.

Next Due – When you want the charge to be raised from

Invoice Split – There are 4 options in this field

· Percentage (%) – this splits by %

· Equal (£) – this splits by tenant

· By Budget (£) – this itemises what is listed in the budget, per budget item (by equal amounts)

· By Budget (%) – this itemises what is listed in the budget by budget items (by %)

Nominal – Within the ‘4000’ range – vat code ‘1’ if vatable – ‘9’ if Non VAT Applicable

‘Use Customer Default Nominal’ Tick this to prefix nominal

Narrative – Description you would like to appear in the transaction


You can select if you want the ‘Analysis’ to be displayed by ‘Nominal’ or ‘Block’ (this will be covered in ‘Analysis’ tab)

When you click on this icon, this will open a new window to allow you to enter text, that will appear on the invoice once created


‘Agreement’ icon allows you to incorporate either the property field or agreement field which will populate the information dependent on which you choose

 Once all these details are complete, click ‘Add’ (bottom left of the window)


This will open a new window to allow you to enter the item line


Description – Description of charge

Narrative – This will appear in the transaction description if you select (By Budget)

Sales Nominal – This will prefix from previous window

Purchase Nominal – select from ‘5000’ – ‘7999’

Budget – The amount you wish to charge as a whole

VAT Code – ‘1’ for VAT Applicable – ‘9’ for Non VAT Applicable


Click ‘Save Changes’

 This will appear in the ‘New Service Charge’ window

You can add as many lines as you wish, once you have added all the charges, click ‘Lease’ (in the bottom of the ‘New Service Charge’ window)

And then ‘Configure Split’ (in the top of the window)


 This will bring up a new window displaying all the tenancies within the software

 Within this window you can filter down by either ‘Block’ or ‘Estate’

 Once ‘Block’ or ‘Estate’ is selected they will be the only ones that appear in the list, you can then click ‘Select All’ and they will be prefixed with ‘x’ and ‘Save’


 The split is now generated for that particular Block/Estate

 If you don’t want an equal split you can override the splits by clicking on any line, a box will appear in the bottom right of the window ‘Enter Splits’ – enter % here (make sure the total always equals 100%)  

Now click ‘Create Schedule’ and a new window will appear


 click ‘Yes’ to that

 A schedule will now have been created in the tenancies selected, you can also view the schedule by clicking on ‘Invoice Schedule’ on the bottom of the screen 

For the option ‘Equal (£) split’ – it will ask how many tenants, enter amount and then click on ‘Configure Schedule’ and choose from the list the tenants you wish the equal spilt against (this will not give you a value until you click on ‘Invoice Schedule’ and then ‘Create Schedule’ because it is an equal split not %)

‘Analysis’ window will display the budgets added and all actuals when you enter a supplier invoice

 Once you have finished creating the service charges, click ‘Save’ a new window will appear


If you have not already done this click ‘Yes’ if you have click ‘No’ and it will exit you out of the ‘New Service Charge’ window

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