Fixed Service Charges

Fixed Service Charges

If you use a default service charge for your properties you can create this alongside the rent schedule. 
To set this up, click on the spanner icon then double click on the data path. In the next window, select ‘Company Nominals’.
Enter your default service charge settings and click ‘Save’

‘S/C Pay To’ gives you 3 options (this is only available in the Agent version)


Office – which will create the transaction to be posted directly to the sales nominal (4000 range), receipted into the office account


Agent – which will create the transaction to be posted to the control account, receipted into the client account, then appear in the agent transfer window to journal from client account to office account and journal from control nominal (2000 range) to service charge nominal


Landlord – which will create the transaction to be posted to the control account and appear on the statement to be paid over to the landlord


When creating the tenancy schedule with service charge incorporated, the options will appear as follows –


Office –


Nominal code will be in the ‘4000’ range and vat either ‘1’ or ‘9’


Agent –



Nominal code will be the control nominal (2000 range) and when posted and receipted, it will allow you to carry out the agent transfer to journal to the service charge nominal


Landlord –



Nominal code will be the control nominal (2000 range), which when receipted will create a sales credit to be paid over to the landlord


You can also override the default schedule within the ‘Charging Schedule’ window by clicking on ‘Settings’ and changing details -




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