Changing the owner of the property

Changing the owner of the property

Changing the Owner of the Property



-  To change the owner of the property go to the property module and double click into a property record.


-  Once in the property record click on the 'Management' button.


-  This will open the 'Property Ownership' window. In this window select the current owner and click 'Delete Owner'.


-   To add new owner select 'New Owner' icon.


-  Click on the grey icon to the side of the list to bring up the Landlord list.


-  Highlight the new Landlord and click 'Select Contact'.


-  The new Landlord will now appear in the ownership box.


-  Click 'Save' on the 'Ownership' window.


-  You will now see the new owner appear in the 'Property Ownership' window.


-  Select 'Done' and 'Save and Exit' from the property record.


Note: Please do not forget to recreate schedule on existing tenancy. Make sure the correct Landlord appears in the 'Creating Schedule' box. 



Please See Attached Document for more information.

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