Block Management - Adding a Block

Block Management - Adding a Block

To add a block, click on the ‘Block’ module then on ‘New Block’

A new window will appear. Fill in your Block information using the provided fields.

You can also attach the block to an ‘Estate’

 Click on the Box icon against ‘Block’

 This will then open the ‘Configure’ window, click ‘Select Space’


This then brings up the list of estates. Choose the estate then click ‘Select’



If it is Block by Company, select the Company the block is related to


ManagementThere are 2 options

– This is if it is ‘Service Charges’ only

Lettings & Service – This is if you have Rents and Service Charges

 Department TypeThere are 3 options

Not Used – This option is selected if the setup is Company by Company, the Block will default to Department ‘0’

By Block – This option is selected if only 1 Company and Blocks are by Department codes

By Property – This option is selected only if you want to report financially by property and not by block

Landlord - enter the landlord of the block

 To add the floors, you need to click on the grey boxat the side of ‘Floor Count’ to change the right hand column to floor’s then click on thesign in the bottom right corner of the screen for another window to appear then enter the ‘Area’ name and enter the size of the floor and any zones (please see ‘Adding an Estate’ section for more on zones).

You can attach photos, by clicking on the ‘Box’ icon against ‘Block Photo’

A new window will appear, from here you can either ‘Attach File’ or Scan Document’ and then ‘Save’

Once all information is entered click ’Save & Exit’.



















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