Manually Adding a Company Logo to Landlord Statements/Reports

Manually Adding a Company Logo to Landlord Statements/Reports

Go to the ‘Landlords’ module and go into the ‘Statements’ tab in the bottom left corner, double click on any current statement.

This will the open up the ‘Landlord Statement’ window – from here click on the ‘Print’ icon to open up the ‘Reports’ window. Highlight the desired report you wish to change and click ‘Edit’.

Once you have clicked ‘Edit’ the ‘Report Designer’ window will pop up. Click the ‘OLE’ icon as shown below. You will now be able to ‘Draw’ a box on your screen, it is advised that you draw this box from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the grey box (indicated in red).

Once the box has been drawn by dragging and dropping the correct size you will be presented with

The ‘Picture/OLE Bound Properties’ window. From here you must select the ‘Control Source’ type (Logo

Location) on your machine. (It is advised to put this Logo on your shared drive before doing this stage otherwise other users may not see the Logo).

Click into the box to the right of the control source and locate the image that you wish to add.

Select ‘Scale contents, fill the frame’ as your image may not look correct and could be offset.

Once done click ‘OK’

This will now display the image (your logo) in the statement designer. You can now reposition and resize the image as required. Once complete press the ‘X’ in the top right corner.

 Click ‘Yes’ to the next window asking if you want to save your changes.

(You will now need to repeat this process for each report that you want to have the image on)


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